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Happy mother’s day to all the wonderful mothers. Women are really special. Just to think that the only way humans enter this world is through us. That blow my mind every time.

I just want to thank my mom for being the BEST mom anybody could've asked for, and I know as you're reading this you're probably thinking ”well my mom is better” lol. You can think that, lol.

Growing up I never understood the reasoning behind why my mom shielded me the way she did or why I couldn't do the things that I wanted to do. I know now that the shielding and the discipline was all apart of the molding. See, when you take clay you use your hands to push, remove, and smooth the clay. My mom did just that with me. She pushed me to do and be better. She removed me from environments that were not right for me. And she smoothed me to be a polished young lady. And for that I thank you And love you. You deserve it all momma and I’m gonna give it to you!

Happy Mother’s Day momma! Happy mother’s day to all the lovely moms that push, remove and smooth.

Be blessed ,


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